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Hi, I’m a


Hi. I am Gaurav Tandon. I design websites and graphics as required by my clients to the best of my potential. Other than this me and my team also provide Stock inventory software & android app development or even Digital Marketing services through my firm The Rupee Book which has a team of dedicated software developers & Digital Marketeers. We also take the services of freelancers whenever needed. Checkout My Resume.

About My Work

Some Words about my work!

I personally use wordpress and canva for web development and graphics designing respectively. All other languages may come to use if needed for customization as per the requirement and the experts in my team use them.

Me and my team have developed websites related to following categories :-

  • Coaching Institutes
  • Travel Agencies
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Business Presentation Websites for traders & manufacturers
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Miscellaneous Websites as per the requirement of the client

Me and my team work on the best possible visualization of any website as per your needs and we are able to develop any kind of website. We present you with a demo until you approve it and then run it live.

We have worked with many clients until now but currently very few live projects are available with us as most of the projects have shut down due to various circumstances. Hence, we have presented a demo of the kinds of sites that we can develop and we will also provide you with a demo for your requirement when you request a quote.

I have even done a job for Ed-Tech Company with the following salient features:-

  • Multipurpose Job Profile
  • B2B/B2C Marketing (Digital & Personal)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Website Development
  • MS-Office
  • ERP Backend Data Handling

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You can also contact me on the below social media handles.

Some Popular Tools I know so far







Featured Work

Projects I can work upon

Here is a list of some demo website projects that I can work upon using my tools of preference. keep in mind that we can provide you with any kind of website you like using visualizations cool


Demo Website

Business presentation

Demo Website

Multi Purpose

Demo Website


Demo Website


Demo Website


Demo Website


Demo Website


Demo Website


Demo Website




Years of Expereice


Happy Clients

Design That Matters

Honestly, it is the design that matters and in the new age of today. You need a website with a proper design either for your business or personal use. I work as a web designer who provides exactly what you need with a variety of tools and visualization content.

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